Whether you are struggling in your relationships with other people or with yourself, we provide a full range of therapy services to meet the specific needs you may have.

Therapy for Individuals

Feelings of depression, anxiety, anger and rage, grief and loss, loneliness, feeling “not good enough” or an overall lack of meaning and joy are common problems that many individuals struggle with. You may also be struggling with behavior patterns that are undermining the quality of your life, such as addictive relationships with things like alcohol, food, sex, shopping or technology. Whatever the troubling feelings, thoughts, or behaviors you may be experiencing, therapy is an invaluable tool that can help you cope and to lead a more satisfying life.

Couples Therapy / Marriage Counseling

Couples who experience increasing anger, hostility and/or sarcasm, a growing sense of distance and disconnection, a lack of affection, frequent arguing and negativity, avoiding each other and stonewalling, a lack of trust related to cheating and/or hiding important information, are at high risk of breaking up or divorcing. Therapy can be help to target the underlying issues that are contributing to the tension, frustration, anger, hurt and mistrust. It can help to repair strained relationships and lead to a more satisfying connection. Adn in cases when breaking up is the best course of action, it can help partners to minimize the destructiveness that can accompany a breakup.

Family Therapy

When families are struggling, it is not uncommon for one member, usually a child to become the symptom-bearer. While individual therapy can be very helpful for this person, it often is necessary for the family to attend therapy altogether to help identify and address the underlying issues that are causing tension and strain on the system overall.  In this way, family therapy is an invaluable tool for helping families to develop closer, more loving, and peaceful connections.

Child Therapy

If you have a child who is depressed and withdrawn... anxious, stressed out, or having difficulty concentrating... angry and prone to getting into conflicts with others…having academic or behavioral problems, child therapy can provide significant support, especially in conjunction with family therapy.  

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